What does it mean to have MWM?


A couple years ago I was coaching a strength & conditioning class at a gym. I've always considered myself to be in good shape, but in a different kind of good shape than the people participating in these classes. I was competing in men's physique competitions at the time and my training consisted of bodybuilding style workouts with some basic cardio (treadmill & stair climber) added in here and there. Fitness-wise, I looked the part.

A person taking the class commented, "I bet you could breeze through these workouts." Truthfully, I didn't know. To find out, the next day I participated in a strength & conditioning class for the first time. The strength phase wasn't a problem. Everyone in class was instructed to find their 5 rep max for deadlift within 15 minutes. Deadlift is my favorite exercise and the weight I worked up to was the top mark of the day (there are 5 classes daily). Then it was time for the metabolic conditioning phase of class. The goal was to complete 5 rounds of following 4 exercises: snatch-grip deadlift (10), burpees (12), kettlebell swings (14) and toes to bar (16). I don't remember what the time "cap" to finish was, but I do remember that for one person in class (yours truly), it wasn't enough! It was a humbling experience to say the least.

I can count on one hand the times I've missed strength and conditioning class the last two years and I feel fantastic. Before I just had muscle. Now I have muscle with a motor.