Top 4 Tips to Keep You on Track Through the Holidays


The holiday season is here! Excitement and joy has begun to fill the air and soon enough food will fill our countertops. During this time of the year there seems to be an endless trail of food coming into our house including big family meals and treats from neighbors and friends. How do we stay on track with so much temptation lingering around? I am going to share with you my top tips for staying on track.

1- Get Moving- During this time of year we become busier, the weather becomes colder, and our excuses for not exercising double. But it’s time to get active and get moving! Take your family with you on a walk, play football or soccer with your kids, go for a bike ride, or hike in the beautiful weather. Joining our “Walk Around the World Challenge” can help you stay accountable to get moving (shameless plug!)
Since you’re already going shopping, park in the back of the lot. This will ensure you are staying active and honestly, it’s easier to find a spot in the back anyways. Instead of easily returning the cart to the nearest cart drop, walk it all the way back to the store. Talk about getting your steps up!

2- Use Portion Control- Holiday parties with friends and family fill most of our weekends and it’s easy to over indulge when you’re not in your own home. Using one plate, fill up on protein and vegetables first, then add in a moderate portion of carbs and fats. Protein and vegetables will help to keep you feeling satisfied so you won’t be so tempted to go back for more.
If you plan to eat dessert (of course you are), take a small to moderate serving and enjoy it! I always plan to eat dessert so I make sure to save room in my calories for it. I will eat smaller portions for any previous meals leading up to the family meal.

3- Eat slowly and until satisfied- Do not let yourself get caught up in the holiday hustle and free-for-all with food. Take your time and enjoy the meal with your friends and family. Stay mindful during your meal and put the fork down between bites. Eating slowly and mindfully allows you to more easily recognize cues from your body that you are satisfied. You don’t need to stuff yourself just to enjoy the meal. Yes, the food is good, but the company is even better!

4- Watch your snacking- It’s easy to snack as you’re cooking or mingling but that’s where the calories add up. A few bites here and there and before you know it you have consumed more calories snacking than you would have just at dinner. Instead of mingling near the food pick another location away from the snacks and drinks. This way you make a conscious choice to go get a snack and are more in control.
As you are getting ready to make your holiday cookies, eat a meal beforehand. This will help so you’re not snacking on the treats as you go. If you are not able to control yourself around cookie dough, you might want to consider making another treat instead.

By adding these four things into your holiday plans you will be better prepared for any party or activity that may come your way. Who knows by adding them in now they may just become habits by the time we ring in 2018!