The Cut Complex vs. Coffee Comparison


More than 80 percent of United States adults consume caffeine every day! Most people get their caffeine from coffee and a trip to Starbucks is part of their everyday routine. But what if I told you Cut Complex gives you a cleaner and more sustained boost of energy with the same benefits of caffeine that coffee provides AND could save you tons of money each month? It’s true!

Did you know the most popular Starbucks coffee order in the Phoenix, AZ area is Iced Caramel Macchiato?  You do now and here’s a breakdown of the nutrition information (Tall/Whole Milk) and cost:  Calories- 201, Fat- 8g, Sugar- 22g, Carbs- 24g, Caffeine- 75mg and $3.75.

The most popular Starbucks coffee order in the Los Angeles, CA and San Antonio, TX areas is a Frappuccino.  Here’s the nutrition information (Tall/Whole Milk) and cost:  Calories- 108, Fat- 6g, Sugar- 8g, Carbs- 9g, Caffeine 75mg and $3.95.

In contrast, Cut Complex has 2 Calories, 0g of Fat, 1g of Sugar, 1g of Carbs, 300mg of Caffeine and costs $1.33 per serving.

Let’s compare cost of a one month supply (30 servings) of the aforementioned products:  Iced Caramel Macchiato- $112.50, Frappuccino- $118.50 and Cut Complex- $39.99.

To be fair, if you’re looking for a healthier option and need your coffee fix, the Americano would be your best choice.  The nutritional information (Venti) and cost is as follows:  Calories- 25, Fat- 0g, Sugar- 0g, Carbs- 9g, Caffeine- 300mg and $2.95 ($88.50/month).

But the added ingredients in Cut Complex’s formula (like taurine, beet root and l-carnitine) deliver antioxidants to your body, ignite all-day fat burning and elevate mental focus- far beyond the capabilities of a cup of coffee.  So when it comes to comparing clean, efficient and cost-effective energy sources, Cut Complex “grinds” coffee up!