So what is Cut Complex?


Just over a week ago, we at Muscle With A Motor launched a fat-burning supplement called Cut Complex. We knew we'd formulated a great product that was superior to other thermogenics on the market and the testimonials we've received from our customers proves it.

I use Cut Complex daily to stay in top shape year round. I have been involved in the fitness industry for 20 years and have taken numerous supplements. I can tell you this is the most effective fat-burner I have ever used.

We receive a lot of questions about what exactly Cut Complex is and what it's benefits include. First, Cut Complex is doctor-formulated fat-burning thermogenic that features ingredients (such as beet root, taurine and l-carnitine) that help provide ultimate fat-burning efficiency. Other benefits include increased strength, all day energy and enhanced mental focus.

I want to answer some of the specific questions we've received as well:

Is Cut Complex a fat-burning supplement? Yes!

Can both men and women take Cut Complex? Yes! We've received tons of positive feedback from both men and women who use Cut Complex for a wide variety of activities.

Can Cut Complex be used as a "pre-workout"? Yes! With 300mg of caffeine per serving, Cut Complex packs a punch! I take one serving first thing in the morning prior to working out. But the great part is, Cut Complex features an exclusive blend of ingredients designed to help you avoid the dreaded "crash" that goes along with taking regular thermogenic products.

Do I have to workout when taking Cut Complex? Nope, but why the heck wouldn't you?! ("Wow, I really regret that workout!" -No One. Ever.) Even without working out, taking Cut Complex will keep your body in fat-burning mode all day, increase energy levels and improve your mood!

And my personal favorite...

I'm out of shape, but after taking Cut Complex a few times will I look like you? While it's the closest thing you will find to magic powder, you still need to eat healthy and exercise for maximize effectiveness! I've been involved in athletics and fitness for nearly 20 years, typically workout twice a day and eat clean year round, so it's not fair to compare your physique to mine. Remember, your only competition is the person you were yesterday!