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The holiday season is here! Excitement and joy has begun to fill the air and soon enough food will fill our countertops. During this time of the year there seems to be an endless trail of food coming into our house including big family meals and treats from neighbors and friends. How do we stay on track with so much temptation lingering around? I am going to share with you my top tips for staying on track.

More than 80 percent of United States adults consume caffeine every day! Most people get their caffeine from coffee and a trip to Starbucks is part of their everyday routine. But what if I told you Cut Complex gives you a cleaner and more sustained boost of energy with the same benefits of caffeine that coffee provides AND could save you tons of money each month? It's true!

You want to see results fast right? Here's some tips to help maximize the effects of Cut Complex and get yourself on the fast track to fat loss!

Who wants 6 pack abs? Or should I ask, who doesn't? Combine a sound nutrition plan with what I consider to be the Top 5 Abdominal Exercises and in no time your midsection will be Absolutely amazing!

Why You Should Enter: You will receive a free meal plan ($99 value), daily workouts ($99 value) and unlimited online support (1 million $ value for some of you ) through our Private Facebook group. Each (2) winner receives a 3 mo. supply of Cut Complex and plenty of Muscle With A Motor swag!

Adding muscle while eating clean can certainly be tricky. But if you follow the surefire techniques below, you can build a strong AND lean physique simultaneously!

We receive a lot of questions about what exactly Cut Complex is and what it's benefits include. First, Cut Complex is doctor-formulated fat-burning thermogenic that features ingredients (such as beet root, taurine and l-carnitine) that help provide ultimate fat-burning efficiency. Other benefits include increased strength, all day energy and enhanced mental focus. I want to answer some of the specific questions we've received as well:

A couple years ago I was coaching a strength & conditioning class at a gym. I've always considered myself to be in good shape, but in a different kind of good shape than the people participating in these classes. I was competing in men's physique competitions at the time and my training consisted of bodybuilding style workouts with some basic cardio (treadmill & stair climber) added in here and there. Fitness-wise, I looked the part.

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