The Muscle with a Motor ™ team is an adventurous crew who enjoys activities ranging from hiking to mountain biking to paddleboarding to Crossfit. Being athletes ourselves, we know the important role the right supplements play when it comes to performance- no matter what the activity. Therefore, we only produce advanced supplements geared to fuel all types of fitness.

Commitment to Quality

Our products are produced exclusively in the United States in a Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) compliant facility, insuring safety and compliance with only the highest quality standards. There is a lot of misinformation in the supplement industry and it’s easy to get confused on what products you should take. We want to eliminate the guesswork for everyone and deliver products people can trust. We will not make any products we wouldn’t take ourselves.

Meet the Team

Skip Wood - The Fitness Guru

Skip brings nearly 20 years experience in the fitness industry to the MWM team. While working with several supplement companies in that time, Skip knew he wanted to start his own brand with the goal of directly helping others improve their health and wellness. Skip continues to challenge himself to reach news heights physically and out of an extreme distaste for the treadmill and stair climber, Skip's favorite cardio-type activities have evolved into paddleboarding, mountain biking and hiking. When describing the MWM crew, Skip states, "I work with three people who are sharp as a tack and I have good abs!"

Bryan Stevens - Science Nerd

Bryan Stevens is a father, husband, brother and friend. He is the research and development behind Muscle With A Motor. He is very passionate about his family and the outdoors. He loves taking his family on hikes so that he can teach them about everything they see. Consequently, he goes on a lot of hikes by himself! He considers himself a cooperative ecologist, focusing on helping others take ownership of their environments. Bryan has struggled with weight his whole life. By surrounding himself with supportive people and the Muscle With A Motor community, he is able to achieve his health goals and pursue his many passions. Come join the growing family of healthy, passionate people and be amazed at where your fitness can take you!

Amanda Philips - Queen of Operations

Amanda juggles several life roles with style and grace. When she's not driving her kids to soccer, working on her doctorate degree in leadership, mountain biking, hiking, crossfitting or paddleboarding, she's handling the day-to-day logistics of MWM. She also serves as mediator between the MWM men and perhaps most importantly, provides a women's perspective to the group. Amanda's favorite part of being on the MWM team is having the ability to educate others on how to live a healthier and more active lifestyle.

Nic Feinstein - Chief Everything Officer

Nic grew up playing soccer, hockey and baseball. It wasn't until his late twenties that he discovered the gym. Now he finds himself there 5 days a week. However, he could never put on a pound to save his life, then he hit 30 and his weight has more ups and downs then a roller coaster. That is when he knew he needed to educate himself and spread this knowledge to help others in the same struggles. He knew being a part of the MWM team with like-minded people, focused on improving the health and fitness of everyday athletes was a mission he could support, not to mention they are pretty bad ass people.

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